It has never been easier to sell online!

easier to sell onlineIn the old days there was no internet, drop shipping, amazon prime, etc. You had to physically go to the store that sells what you want, go in and purchase the item. But today it has never been easier to sell online.

How easy to sell online

Business owners had to buy or lease a building/space and stock up on merchandise in house, usually demanding thousands of dollars if not more.

Fast forward to the present and you can have virtually anything you want wherever you want all from a phone or computer.

You can open an online shop and sell whatever you want for practically nothing! 2018 has made it so everyone can be successful. Being a business owner is so much closer than you think.

The thing that really strikes me is the potential of selling online. Think of a local store in your hometown. Sure they may be doing well and making for some happy owners, but they can only fetch who drives by the shop physically or sees there ad in the newspaper and decides to come in.

There are billions of people using the internet every day. There are billions of hungry customers waiting to be fed Every. Single. Day.easier to sell online

Your online shop is just like the one on the square downtown, only you could potentially have millions of people driving by everyday!

Just make sure your open light is on (haha)! In perspective; if you had 100 customers coming in to your store everyday and only 5 out of those 100 bought something at a profit of $20 each, then you would be making $100 a day.

Now I think you can see the math when we have 500+ customers coming through the shop. The sky is really the limit.

So maybe you are making t shirts or jewelry or have some kind of physical product, if so that is awesome! You can brand yourself and become the next Yeti cooler.

If you do not have a product then I assume you will be working on a drop shipping model. Drop shipping can be lucrative it is just all about the niche you are in.easier to sell online

Now I know you are probably thinking you have no idea where to even start.

You have probably heard of all of these crazy things like domains, hosting, servers, etc, and I haven’t mentioned any of that. It has never been easier to sell online.

That is because with the ecommerce platform Shopify, everything is right there. You will be walked through each step, it really is as simple as clicking through a few things.

With Shopify you can customize everything, pick your own theme, colors, create collections and categories and just so much more! Just see for yourself by starting a free trial with Shopify.

You have nothing to loose, might as well see what this is all about! It has never been easier to sell online.


Check out how to start drop shipping today!

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