Start flipping streetwear for the ultimate hustle!

start flipping streetwearStart flipping streetwear

Start flipping streetwear! Buying and reselling hyped shoes and streetwear is theĀ ultimate hustle because, well you get to be around some pretty sweet gear and you meet some awesome people!

On top of that you can earn a pretty penny once you learn what to cop.

In my opinion the best way to do this is to secure your items on the drop, but this requires skills and research. You will learn these things along the way.

Less hyped supreme drops could be a good place to start, you will just be turning a lower profit.

So now once you have acquired your first few items, you are ready to sell them. A great way to display your inventory and references is with your own own shopify store! Everything looks so professional and clean.

When customers visit your store they will not be scared away because the site looks sketch. Everything will be professional. They take care of everything you will need to sell your streetwear online to customers all over the world!

Using Instagram

start flipping streetwearOnce you have your store opened you will want to create an instagram account for your store because it is a great place to reach the people you want. The internet is awesome.

Make sure you have the store linked in your bio. This is a great call to action method, and can increase sales.

You can start connecting to the community through hashtags by liking and commenting on photos of other similar posts.

Once you have a decent community built up you will have a ton of activity on everything you try to sell. I think you get the picture, you just have to get the ball rolling. It comes with experience.

Start flipping streetwear!

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